DIY Mr. and Mrs. Sign

DIY Mr. and Mrs. Sign

By Liya Bulanov

Every wedding has a ‘Mr. and Mrs.” sign, wether it’s hanging off the back of the bride and groom’s chairs or displayed somewhere on a table. It’s a signature statement piece that celebrates two singles becoming a husband and wife.

These wedding signs often have a lot of variety. They can be wooden, engraved or written in calligraphy, the varieties are endless.

We have a fun creative way you can make a ‘Mr. and Mrs,’ sign for your wedding all on your own! For crafty brides out there who enjoy working with their hands and would rather make their own wedding decorations, this project is for you!

It only takes an hour or less to complete and looks professionally done! This fun ‘do-it-yourself’ project will bring a personal, creative twist to the traditional wedding signs


For this project you will need:

  • Double Glass Frames
  • Scissors
  • Mr & Mrs print outs
  • Greenery 
  • White Paint Marker

How to put it together:

  1. Print out our PDF ‘Mr. and Mrs.” sign.

  1. Remove the glass from the frame. Be careful not to break it, as it can easily break when you reassemble the frame.

  1. Place the glass over the print out, and secure it with tape so that it dose not move.

  1. Now begin to outline the Mr. & Mrs with paint pen on the glass.   

  1. Let it dry all the way, then position the glass back in to the frame with the painted side down facing the table

  1. Put greenery or flowers of your choice on top of the glass, keep in mind that space is limited so make sure it can be flattened nicely.

  1. Close the frame with its back and secure it. Make sure you are not forcing the glass to avoid it from cracking.

  1. Repeat steps 1-7 for the ‘Mrs.”sign.

These wedding signs will look beautiful with all your other decor. You can choose whatever greenery that matches your wedding, whether is tropical greenery or woodsy/ rustic greenery or even flowers that will be at your wedding. Making it yourself gives your wedding decor a personal feel all while looking beautiful and professionally done. Try your hand with this fun craft! You can even use the frames to hang on the back of the chairs for the bride and groom. There are endless places where these wedding ‘Mr. and Mrs’ signs will look stunning!



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