Styled Shoot Planning 101

Author: Janita Mestre

Hi friends! Thank you for stopping by and reading all about how to plan a  successful styled shoot. I have received countless messages and emails asking how to go about planning a styled shoot so here we go. 

This blog post is to tackle exactly that. In the last year we have planned over 13 styled shoots, in different states that have all been published. We love every minute of it, and we hope to share some of our process with you! Our first piece of advice in planning a shoot is: have a purpose! 


1. Have a plan. Know your vision.  

This is one of the most fun parts because you get to create whatever look you want which is my favorite. What colors do you want? What look? For example: classy, boho, themed, fine art etc.  

*Always pick your venue and date first then design accordingly. 

*Design your shoot with a specific publication in mind. 


2. Make a dream vendors list. 

Search on Instagram for hashtags that align with your vision. 

For example: #sandiegoweddingflorist, #fineartweddingmakeup, #LAmodels etc.

*Choose vendors that have the same brand/ style as your shoot does. After all, they want to use photos and content that align with their brand as well. 


3. Start emailing them.  

 When you email your dream vendor, always, always, always have the date, time and venue listed so they know off the bat if they are able and interested to join. 

*In your email to them, include why you’d love to work with them and what they will receive in exchange. (This can be free photos, payment or both). 

*Begin to engage on their Instagram pages to show that you absolutely love their work. 

Remember that not every vendor will jump on board right away. Don’t be discouraged, just keep searching :) 


4. Finalize details. 

Finalize with your vendors all the details of the day of. Such as: timeline, location, parking etc. 

*Always send the vendors a complete vendors list BEFORE shoot day. That way everyone who posts BTS on social media, can tag the proper vendors + build relationships.  


5. Follow up! 

Always follow up with every vendor and attendee (if you are opening up to photographers) after the day of the shoot. Make sure everyone is happy. <3 

*Next is to send back all the products you have borrowed for the shoot.

- return the dress and tux (unless it’s been purchased) 

- return stationery

- return props and rentals. 

Always, always treat every product with the most respect. Make sure you take care of everything as if it was your own :) 

The purpose of styled shoots is to build relationships, network and gain beautiful content for social media. I hope this brief, 5 step blog can help you plan your next, beautiful shoot!

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