Rustic Spring Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Rustic Spring Wedding Tablescape Ideas

Having a springtime wedding? The world is in full bloom and the winter cold is gone. It’s the perfect season to have a beautiful celebration. A big part of what sets the scene for your reception is the tables your guests will be sitting at. We’ve come up with several beautiful tablescape ideas that would be perfect for a spring wedding.
  1. White Candles and Greens

Keep your tables simple and elegant with white table clothes, white candles, a simple green such as eucalyptus and rustic wooden chargers. An inexpensive but beautiful spring look!
  1. Floral Arrangements with Acrylic Table Numbers

Having a low, luscious floral arrangement in the center of a round table is a trendy spring wedding look. Paired with the elegant acrylic table number written in calligraphy is sure to impress your guests. This look works so well with many color pallets.
  1. Out With the Tablecloths, in with the Table Runners

 Wooden tables are beautiful and create an especially rustic feel when they are not covered up with tablecloths.  A beautiful way to heighten the rustic aesthetic of your wedding is to drape elegant table runners down the length of your tables. Add candles, flowers and wooden table numbers and your wedding will look amazing!
  1. Thank You Cards Instead of Place Cards

Use the opportunity to thank your guests for coming to your wedding, while using elegant place cards as decoration. Guests will find this unique and sentimental. Formal quality paper with a personal message, along with a lovely piece of greenery on each plate will really bring your decoration to another level. 
  1. Wooden Engraved Names as Place Cards

Getting creative with place cards for your wedding guests is fun and intentional. Engraved wooden names on each guest’s plate is so beautiful and classy. The wood brings out the rustic feel and makes for a unique tablescape. 
  1. Quaint Bouquets in Mason Jars

Nothing screams ‘rustic’ like mason jars. They really bring out a lovely spring aesthetic in weddings. A few flowers and a wooden engraved table number that can go inside the jar creates a simple yet pleasing look. It’s one of the most affordable ways to decorate any table!
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