9 Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts Ideas That You Might Not Know About.

9 Bridesmaids Proposal Gifts Ideas That You Might Not Know About.

You have a wedding to plan. You know the list of girlfriends you want by your side. The ones who have stuck with you through thick and thin. The friends who have cheered you on during your tough times and celebrated with you when you’ve reached milestones. They are the first ones you called to scream your happy news- “I’m engaged!!”. 
You know these special ladies will support you and help you plan your wedding, so you want to give them a gift of appreciation. Or maybe you want a meaningful way to officially ask them "will you be my bridesmaid?". We are here with an amazing list of ideas to help you pick the perfect gifts for your closet friends!
  1. Personalized Hangers

Especially once you’ve picked the bridesmaids dresses, getting each friend a beautiful hanger for the dress, personalized with her name, will make for the sweetest gift. The hangers will help keep each dress labeled for its owner, and always makes for beautiful “getting ready” photos. There are many assortments of hangers, but printed and engraved are my personal favorites. Personalized printed hangers go well on white coated hangers, along with the floral design that adds color to your scheme and create a more elegant touch. Engraved hangers are great for a classic and rustic wedding style. Although this kind of hangers can be engraved on white coating and also makes for an elegant style, but it's common to use natural wood hangers. 
  1. “ I Couldn’t Tie the Knot Without You” Bracelets

This is a uniquely fun gift! Not only does it come with a beautiful bridesmaid ‘proposal’ box, the bracelet itself is a symbolic ‘knot’, signifying the occasion of your wedding. It also comes with an first letter initial option for each bridesmaid. A gorgeous selection of silver, gold, or rose gold bracelets will really make your girls feel loved! 
  1. Personalized Wine Tumblers

These wine tumblers come in a variety of fun colors. Each customized in a beautiful font with a name. It is the perfect way to enjoy some wine while getting ready for the wedding, without worrying about spilling and staining any dresses!
  1. Personalized Mugs

There is such a fun variety of mugs you can chose to gift your friends! Some are bridesmaid proposal mugs saying “I can’t marry my mister without my sister”. Some are simply “Thank You For Standing By My Side” mugs. Others just say ‘Bridesmaid’. All of them have beautiful images of bridesmaids which can be customized to match the appearance of each of your friends! This is a gift that they can use for a long time and always remember your day!
  1. Personalized Dressing Gown

This gift is wildly popular and for good reason. Getting matching robes for when you and your bridesmaids are getting ready is a fun way to be festive and celebrate! Not to mention the cute pictures it creates. The variety of robes are endless. You can chose from the robes being customized to ‘bridesmaid’ to being personalized with the specific names of each bridesmaid. It is a fun, feminine gift that each of you girlfriends will appreciate!
  1. Makeup Bag

Every girl needs another makeup bag. We never have enough, and we never run out of makeup to fill them with. A personalized makeup bag, with each bridesmaids name will be cute gift they are sure to reuse!
  1. Personalized Pocket Mirrors

Pocket Mirrors are a small, feminine item that all ladies often wish they had on hand. They are so useful for checking on makeup smudges or if there’s something stuck in your teeth. Cute personalized mirrors with each bridesmaids name is an awesome gift each friend is sure to appreciate!
  1. Maid of Honor Proposal Box

My personal favorite gift boxes are the ones that last, not cardboard or plastic but real wood. HD printed wooden box are a great way to complete you gift set. These personalized wooden gift boxes can become other things like a jewelry box, photo box, or even a memory box. When putting together a gift, it very important that you give your bridesmaids something that they can use years to come. 

     9.  Handcover Photobook

A deeply meaningful gift for each of your bridesmaid is if you make a small photobook with pictures from the wedding, especially of the two of you. It is a sweet way for your girlfriends to feel appreciated by you and to always remember the fun they had on your wedding day!
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