5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Getting Fit for your Wedding

5 Fun Ways to Enjoy Getting Fit for your Wedding

If you ever want to look your absolute best, it is on your wedding day. The dress you carefully chose should fit you flawlessly. You want to spend the rest of your life looking at photographs and admiring how beautiful you looked. 

It is no surprise that many, many brides go on diets or open gym memberships prior to their weddings. But though many set out motivated and excited to get into shape, the motivation often dies out. 

I would like to give five ways that you can make your fitness journey more fun, and therefore more successful. Five things to consider that will help you reach your goal and enjoy the process. 


  1.  Start Early 

If you are engaged, then it’s not too early to begin thinking about getting into an exercise routine. Don’t wait until three months before the wedding to try to squeeze into the dress you bought a few sizes too small to keep you motivated. You do not want to end up with your dress not fitting. That would be a nightmare. Give yourself a large timeline. Make smaller more attainable goals each month. One step at a time will make your journey feel attainable and more enjoyable, rather then impossible.

  1. Recruit your Bridesmaids

There’s nothing quite like working towards a goal with your best friends. When you have a team of girlfriends keeping you motivated and working hard right by your side, it is more difficult to slip up and quit. Join a gym together. Go to Pilates as a group. Buy matching workout outfits. Whatever it takes to get you and your girls pumped to get in shape for your big day!

  1. Create a Personal Challenge

Motivation to get in shape can quickly  fades when the work is HARD and the results are not seen. Discouragement can set in just as quickly as the motivation sparked. It is a real hurdle in the weight loss process. However, if you create a game plan and embrace the challenge, it can be a more enjoyable experience. Don’t compare yourself. Be patient with your body. Keep pushing through. Challenges can be very fun if you embrace the difficulty and push your own personal limits. You will see results if you remain consistent. Embrace the difficulty and refuse to give into discouragement. 

  1. Plan for a reward

Make a plan to celebrate when you reach your goal. Focus on the the delicious food you will get to enjoy after the process is done. Many brides let loose on their honeymoon as a reward to working so hard before the wedding. When those tempting desserts are staring at you, or your cozy warm bed is drawing you in to relax, just remember you will get to indulge all you want when the wedding is over. The wait will be worth it! Remind yourself of the end reward and enjoy the process of getting to it!

  1. Make Nutrition Fun

A big mistake people make when they want to get in shape is they start to eat carrot sticks and celery only. They don’t enjoy what they put into their mouth and they are miserable the entire time. You are far more likely to quit when you are not enjoying what you are eating. Instead, try fun, creative new recipes that have healthy ingredients. Include a variety of flavors in your meals. Have fun expanding your skills with new dishes. Focus on what you can eat rather than what you can’t. Think outside of the box and be open minded. 

The best way to enjoy your fitness process before your wedding is to let it be something you enjoy. Focusing on the positives, choosing workouts you feel good doing, including your friends, and trying new foods. Make intentional choices that will be fun for you. Not only will it help with endurance towards your goal, it will be a more joyful and successful experience for you.

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