5 Essentials to a Rustic Wedding in the Pacific Northwest

5 Essentials to a Rustic Wedding in the Pacific Northwest

Author: Liya Bulanov

Your man gets down on one knee and pops the question somewhere at a viewpoint you hiked to. The ring is everything you’ve dreamed off and you finally get to use that ‘wedding’ board that you’ve started on Pinterest back when you were in high school.  You are beyond excited and itching to get started planning your big day. You know one thing for sure— you want a rustic wedding. Living in the mountainous Pacific Northwest, you really want to highlight the beauty of where you’re from. Something homey and family oriented, with nature as your backdrop and a relaxed atmosphere. People wearing comfortable shoes, laughing and having a good time celebrating your love story. You have a clear vision but you don’t know where to start to make it a reality. Just the thought of planning the most important day of your life overwhelms you. 

       Let me tell you that you are not alone. Most brides feel anxious at the beginning of their wedding planning process. We’re here to give you a place to start. A tangible beginning to get your ideas rolling, and hopefully, aide in your process of planning your dream wedding in the gorgeous evergreen home of ours.

        I would like to give you five essentials that gives a wedding that rustic feel that you might be dreaming of. Five ways to accent the beauty around 

  1. Cozy Venue

      Whether your wedding is in the hottest part of the summer or in the dead of winter, your venue stages the mood. Choosing something with a wooden interior, will engulf your guests into a feeling of comfort and home. A log wood cabin. Or homestead on a farm. A large barn that can be decked out in string lights and filled with music. Chose a place that is ‘close to the earth’. A place that has trees and open space and maybe even some animals. A venue where people will feel a connection to nature. This sets the scene for you to celebrate your love in a relaxed, family oriented atmosphere.

  1. The Right Playlist

         Whether or not you hire a DJ or a band, or simply create a playlist, the music you choose will layer on that rustic feel on your special day. When guests arrive to the party and hear the southern brawl of Kenneth Chesney of the smooth and easy voice of Nora Jones, they will instantly feel the comfort and energy of a rustic wedding. Be strategic about your music choices. Think about the mood each song brings to the celebration.

  1. Lighting

        One of the most signature elements of a rustic wedding is string lights. Hung from the ceiling, from the trees, back and forth on the patio, or where ever there is open space. String lights create a glow that reflects off the glasses and candles and creates a warmth and homey feeling to the party that is hard to create with anything else. So hang those lights everywhere. They are your biggest coziness factor. You can’t go wrong with something that has such big effect, for such little money.

  1. Wooden Decor

      Invest into wooden customized wedding signs that say “Welcome” and “Reception This Way” and other personalized messages. Wooden table numbers and “Mrs and Mr” engraved pieces. Wood personalized with beautiful calligraphy, stylishly placed all around your venue adds beautifully to the rustic feel. Wooden chairs and wooden cake stands highlight the earthy tones and gives a personal touch that looks very aesthetically pleasing and pairs perfectly with the rustic style. 

  1. Food

        With food, there are so many ways you could go. A barbecue or an elegant roast beef dinner. Whatever menu you chose, it ought to be one that is hearty and filling. Comforting and hot. It should make the guests feel like they’ve come home on a Sunday evening to mom’s house. Make a buffet style meal and heap is with steaming goodness. There’s nothing that makes one feel happier and ready to dance than a full stomach of the most delicious comfort foods mom used to cook. Be intentional with flavors. 

Aim for these five big features, and you’ll have a real start on planning your dream rustic wedding. The rest are details that add fun and depth to the overall mood of your special day. 


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