30 Affordable Wedding Decorations That Still Look Classy

30 Affordable Wedding Decorations That Still Look Classy

Weddings on a budget don’t have to look, like weddings on a budget. If done correctly, your wedding can look beautiful and classy without breaking the bank. It’s all about shortcuts, sourcing correctly, and knowing your options. When you realize that with a little bit of effort and time, you can make your own beautiful wedding decorations, without having to pay an unnecessary large amount of money for someone else to do the job for you, your imagination with inspired by the endless possibilities.
  1. Wine Cork Table Numbers or Place Holders

Corks are a one time use item that is mostly thrown away after a bottle is opened. They are cheap and easy to work with when making your wedding table signs. Not to mention all the variety of things you can make with them.    
Gold Wine Cork Place Card Holder or Place Setter, Wine Cork Name Badge Name Card Holder, Wine Theme
  1. Tin Can and Burlap Winter Center Piece

Cans are widely available and cheap. Check in your own pantry! This cute centerpiece is made from foraging and using cheap materials that you’ll find around the house.
Snowy Tree Winter & Christmas DIY Table Decoration in 20 Minutes! - A Piece Of Rainbow #ChristmasTreeDecorations
  1. Faux Greenery Centerpiece

Head to your local Dollar Store and load up on some cheap glass and fake greens. The end result looks elegant for only a few bucks!
Easy DIY Wedding Centerpiece with Fake Greenery and Cylinder Vases
  1. Bay Leaf Candle Wraps

This kit you can buy from Etsy that makes is so easy for you to create these stunning wedding centerpieces. 
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  1. Personalized Wedding Cake Topper

Instead of paying the catering company to make an elaborate topper for your wedding cake, get an affordable topper that still looks just as elegant. Plus it is personalized! 
  1. Paper Origami Cranes 

All this takes is some paper, and some time! These paper cranes can we hung together to have such a beautiful wedding backdrop for just a few dollars!
  1. Write the Seating Chart on a  Pretty Mirror

Thrift around Goodwill or your local consignment store for a beautiful gold or vintage mirror. Maybe even ask your grandmother of aunts if they have one in their home. Using a paint pen, writes the names of guests in columns under the correct table number. This looks so beautiful and takes almost no time or money!
Gold #mirror #seating #chart. #Glass #seating #chart #at #Franciscan #Garden #wedding #by #Lucky #Day #Events #Co.
  1. Make Wax Seals for Wedding Invitations 

Buying a wax seal stamp kit is not expensive at all. But having a wax seal on your wedding invites looks beyond elegant. 
  1. Buy Pretty Plastic Plates

Plastic plates these days come in the most elegant designs. They are extremely affordable and disposable. Renting real dishes can be expensive and a headache. Your guests will hardly tell the difference!

  1. Paint Wooden Slates and Write the Program

Rather than printing out programs for each guest, paint some wood and write down the schedule. Place in a visible place and add some greens!
DIY White Painted Palette Order of The Day Sign | Wedding Decor | Millbridge Court, Surrey Wedding with DIY Decor, Foliage & Giant Balloons | Nataly J Photography
  1. Make a Balloon Garland

Balloons are just about the cheapest decoration you can ever buy! Why not use it to your advantage? Attach the balloons together into a garland, stick some greenery into it and hang it above the dessert table. Or at the entry to the reception. Or make a photo booth out of it. Balloons make a grand effect with very minimal effort and money!
For the love of white! We loved styling this elegant white balloon garland. With touches of gold made this garland just heavenly! A huge…
  1. Use Streamers to Create a Backdrop for Photo Booth

Streamers can be found at any Dollar Store, in any color. Done correctly, they can serve as a classy backdrop for guests to take goofy pictures and make fun memories at your wedding.
20+ Photo Booth #Backdrops For Your Wedding
  1. Thrift Vintage Furniture for Guests to Lounge

Renting wedding furniture can be very expensive. Your local Value Village or Craigslist can have the same beautiful pieces for much cheaper. Even searching estate sales for a deal can save you a lot of money!
Unique vintage outdoor wedding reception lounge idea - antique furniture with coffee table in center with candlesticks + chandelier hanging from tree Ben Q. Photography

 14. String Lights

Pull out all your Christmas lights from the garage and start untangling them! Hanging lights all over your reception has a big effect. And lights can run very cheap if you buy them in bulk.
Best backyard wedding reception menu ideas one and only kennyslandscaping.com
Buying or renting individual cloth napkins can cost a fortune. Making your own can save you money, and gives a lovely stash to use in the future!
How to Sew Cloth Napkins, DIY Cloth Napkins, Sewing Projects for Beginners, Easy Sewing Projects, DIY Tablescape Ideas

16. Make Your Own Berry Jam as Wedding Favors

This of course, must be done ahead of time to have seasonal berries available. But making jam in large portions is easy, and canning them in tiny little mason jars is just plain enjoyable! 
12 Creative Ways To Personalize Your Wedding (& Win $1000!) With @weddingwire's #HowWeWed Campaign | Homemade Jam Favors
  1. Use a Hoola Hoop to make a Floral Chandelier 

Hoola Hoop from any Dollar Store, wrapped in white tape, can be used to hang greenery from and transform a room for only a few dollars!
Hermosas ideas para decorar con hula-hoop o hula-hula - Dale Detalles
  1. Foraged Branches Covered in Gold or Sparkles

Tree branches can be found anywhere. Covering them in glue and dipping them into sparkles, or spray painting them gold paint can look very beautiful!
  1. Spray Paint Cheap Glass

Taking a can of gold or silver spray paint to some dollar store glass bottles or cans can transform them into beautiful vases for flowers!
Glam Wedding Florals | LeisureArts.com
  1. Make Your Own Wedding Invites

Print out all the invitation info on quality card-stock, and fold!  You can add details like paper dollies and twine. The possibilities are endless!
29 Tips to Plan Your Wedding on A Budget
  1. Get a vinyl Wedding Welcome Sign using Stencil Letters 

Wooden Wedding Welcome Sign

  1. Pinecone Place Holders

This looks absolutely adorable on each plate! Collect pinecones at your local park, cut up some card-stock and write each guests name before placing it into the pinecone. Sweet and cheap!
Wedding Reception Decorations On A Budget 26 Ideas
  1. Dollar Store Chargers and Candles

The Dollar Tree has gold and silver round chargers that work great at centerpieces! They also usually have a large variety of glasses and candles. Put those three together and you have frugal but elegant centerpieces!
Diy Wedding Centerpieces Ideas On A Budget Cake Table Decoration Simple Centerpiece Candle Purple Greenery #weddingdecoration | Diy Wedding Centerpieces Candles |  Wedding Centerpieces  | Diy Wedding Centerpieces Without Flowers | Dollar Store Centerpieces. #weddingplanner #Party ideas
  1. Make Your Own Cake Stands for Dessert Table

Gluing wide rimmed glasses to plastic chargers create beautiful multi-layered dessert stands for the sweets table!
29 Brilliant Ideas for Your Budget Wedding - The Krazy Coupon Lady
  1. Chopping Down Birch Branches and Making Candle Holders

With permission, there any many beautiful birch trees that can be chopped down and divided into elegant logs. When you drill a hole the size of a tea light candle, it makes for the most beautiful budget friendly table centerpieces.
244 DIY Creative Rustic Chic Wedding Centerpieces Ideas – OOSILE
  1. Display Your Love in Picture Frames on each Table

Collect whatever frames you have, or purchase some in bulk and use them as centerpieces on each table.
140 budget friendly simple wedding centerpiece ideas with candles page 13 | Homydepot.com
  1. Make Your Own Table Runner out of Foraged Greens

Grab some scissors, and a large basket and forage at some local parks and forests for whatever pretty greens you see. Create long table runners out of your foraged goods, all the way down the length of the table, securing them with floral wire.
DIY How to make a Fresh Greenery Table Runner - perfect for your wedding table & for an summer/outdoor/greenery wedding! #greenerywedding #diywedding
28. Make your own ‘Mr & Mrs’ Signs out of Burlap.
Rather than buying this, make your own using stencil letters and paint!
86 Cheap and Inspiring Rustic Wedding Decorations Ideas on a Budget - VIs-Wed
  1. Display a Photo Gallery with String and Clothes Pins 

Hang the photos along some trees or in the back corner of your venue so that your guests can enjoy beautiful moments you and your loved one enjoyed together 
Wedding diy outdoor budget 44+ new Ideas
  1. Make Confetti Cones out of Children’s Craft Supplies

Dollar stores usually have a large selection of children’s crafts, including packets of brightly colored confetti. Make little cones out of brown paper and create a basket full for your guests to throw after your ceremony!
DIY Confetti Cones | Click Pic for 22 DIY Summer Wedding Ideas on a Budget | DIY… #WeddingIdeasOnABudget #frugalweddingideasbrides

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