20 Types of Personalized Flasks for Groomsmen

20 Types of Personalized Flasks for Groomsmen

And How to Chose the Right Kind

When it comes to weddings, groomsmen are harder to gift things to than bridesmaids. The wedding industry is bursting with endless bridesmaid gift options. Very little attention is given to figuring out ‘what really is a great gift for a groomsmen’?

Personalized flasks are one of the classiest and most masculine gifts a guy can receive. Luckily, with a little digging we have found that there are many quality flasks to chose from. Knowing each of your groomsmen’s personalities, you can decide which type of flasks matches him best. Is he a classy guy who like luxury and the finer things in life? Perhaps a leather or a stainless steel flask would be perfect! Is he an outdoorsy hiker? Maybe a sporty flask. Is he a rustic earthy kind? A wood engraved flask would fit ideally.

Many of the flasks can come personalized with the name or initials for an extra special touch. Below we have provided twenty great options to chose from. Your groomsmen are sure to love this gift and feel appreciated with your intentionality and sentiment.


Leather Facing Flask

Stainless Steel

Wood Facing Stainless Steel

Tall Flask

Copper Flask

Vintage Glass Flask in Leather


Pewter Flask

    Circle Flask With a Shot


    Textured steel flask



      Bright Metallic Flask


      Slim Flasks


      Camo Flask


      Artisan Flask

      Thermos-Style Flask


        Hammered Design


            Mate Checkered Hip Flask

            Ceramic Flask

            David Luise Flask

              Vintage Flask

              Modern Wood

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