10 Personalized Wooden Calligraphy Cake Toppers

10 Personalized Wooden Calligraphy Cake Toppers

Personalized wedding cake toppers is one of the hottest trends of 2019 and will continue into 2020. Its both very cost effective and adds glamour and style to your wedding cake in a fresh new way. Whether your wedding is classy or rustic, custom wooden cake toppers fit right in with all your other wedding decor. Not only does it make your wedding a little more personal, it’s also convenient in that it comes in any color you chose. Because they are made out of wood and can be anything you want them to be, coherence in stye is not an issue. 

In the past year we have seen calligraphy really take a stand in the wedding trends, and we believe that they are not going anywhere in years to come. Though classic calligraphy or script fonts have had their share during the last decide, with the fresh hand written uneven style, calligraphy elements are presented in a new way. 

Here we have our 10 calligraphy personalized wedding cake toppers that will most sentiently be loved by you and your guests. 

      1. Wreath Cake Topper

      2. Mr and Mrs Cake Topper

      3. Hexagon Style Cake Topper

      4. Monogram Cake Topper

      5. Free Hand Calligraphy Cake Topper

      6. Twig Wreath Cake Topper

      7. Wire Style Calligraphy Cake Topper

      8. Thin Calligraphy Cake Topper

      9. Single Monogram Cake Topper

      10. Calligraphy with Tails Cake Topper

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