DIY Wedding Photo Display in Embroidery Hoops

DIY Wedding Photo Display in Embroidery Hoops

As the age of ‘do-it-yourself’ wedding decorations emerges, all of us crafty people rejoice. Not only does this popular trend save us money, but also gives us the ability to express ourselves creatively and work with our hands. Making something on our own feels more authentic than simply buying it online. The time and energy we pour into our projects bring out intentionality and a personal element to the end result. It’s satisfying. It’s life giving. Especially when it’s a labor of love for our own special day.  Weddings are personal, and each is different from the next. We all want our day to feel like our very own. Special in its own specific way. That is why making your own wedding decorations opens the door for creative freedom and beauty that only you can create.

Something fun that always brings a personal element to any wedding is a wall or area for a photo display. 

The variety of how photo walls are made is vast, thus the direction you can take for hanging photos on your wedding are endless. 

One fun idea is using embroidery hoops of different sizes to hang on a wall at your wedding. It is a sweet and creative way to highlight your picture so that when guests wander through they can stop and admire all the special moments you wish to remember forever. 

Displaying pictures in hoops is an easy project that isn’t super tedious and time consuming. It can be done in one evening. The end result is very pleasing and gives room for creativity with how to arrange the hoops and show off your wedding photo wall. 


The materials you will need are:

  • Wooden embroidery hoops 6’ 9’ 12’
  • White ribbon 
  • Scissors
  • Poloroid photos
  • String (to hang it at the end)
  • Tie wire (to hold florals)
  • Florals 
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glue Dots (to hold the photos)


  1. Begin with undoing the double hoop by untwisting the latch, if its too tight use some pliers. You don’t want to loosen it too much as you will need to have a tight fit when you insert the ribbons, this will provide the ability to tighten the ribbons in the next step. 

  1. Lay out the strips of white ribbon on the hoops parallel to each other with pre cut length, preferably you want to have even spacing and consider the size of your polaroids. You also want to give the ribbons some slack as you will need to use them tighten the tension later, so don’t cut them with exact length.  

  1. Now that you got your ribbons all laid out and you are happy with the spacing of the ribbons, its time to snap the exterior hoops in to place to secure the ribbon. You want to begin at the bottom and work your way to the top. You will notice that the rims will naturally tighten the ribbon, if thats not the case then not to worry, follow the next step. 

  1. Start tightening the ribbons by the slack on ether ends sides. Simultaneously you wan to tighten the hoop to secure your ribbon positioning. If you don’t like how the ribbons are positioning, then loosen the latch and and try to reposition.

  1. Once you are happy with your ribbon positioning, then you can trim the slack with some scissors.

  1. Then when the ends of the ribbon are flush with the two rings, you can apply the hot glue to secure even more. 

  1. Now you can spread out your polaroids the way you would like to have them be displayed. You don’t have to glue them just yet, we want to make sure that its just how you want it.

  1. Now that you like how the Polaroid's are laid out, you are ready to glue them. Using glue dots, attach the Polaroids to the white ribbon. Make sure that you pinch the photo on to the ribbon by using your index finger for support, avoid pushing on the ribbon as it can be loosened. 

  1. Your next step is to arrange a few stems of florals on the top and bottom of the hoop and secure it with tie wire. You don’t have to use floral decorate your hoops.

  1. Now retreat steps 1-9 on all other hoops. 

  1. And now you are ready to hang these beauties up, and you are another step closer to completing you amazing wedding decor. 

This photo collage will make for unique display at your wedding. It will have a more personal appeal to your guests and show off your crafty side. Photo wall displays always get looked at at weddings, so creating your own will surely draw attention and make you feel accomplished for making it on your own for your guests to enjoy.

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